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Beyond Internet Scams, Frauds and Hoaxes

The Purpose of this website has always been to teach the "average Joe" how to investigate an online business opportunity. But it has, over the years, become so much more. We are proud to offer you what we believe to be the most promising doorway into wealth that we have ever seen. Our mission statement remains unchanged:

Teach others to choose the right side so that they may take rigorous steps towards positive cash flow and debt freedom! We have compiled the SOS (system of systems) that will allow you to use only the very best and the most important technologies created by the most successful mentors in the world.

"We will show you how to take powerful and organized actions by categorizing your choices before you spend money on an opportunity, mentor, or success coach. This will teach you to think clearly before you waste money buying more hope. Our system will save you time and money. Remember, 'begin with the end in mind'. What do you want? In order to discover what you want, you need to understand where you are".

We are skilled in the area of search engine optimization and online marketing. Hopefully we can use our years worth of experience to your advantage.

The BSA Staff

Our current mentor pick of the year is Jay Abraham. Feel free to read our review.


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