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Internet International Business Authority (NetIBA) Offers a Solution to Internet Fraud, the Consumer Protection Tool

The Internet International Business Authority (NetIBA) announces the launch of a new free software product, the Consumer Protection Tool, for consumers and businesses.

(PRWEB) March 11, 2005 -- Purchasing on-line just got safer with the Consumer Protection Tool. The NetIBA Consumer Protection Tool fights Internet fraud by preventing fraudsters from hiding behind the veil of anonymity on the Internet. The software sits locally as a tray application on consumers’ PC desktops (thereby avoiding phishing and other internet fraud scams) and confirms the identity of the people or organizations consumers are interacting with. The NetIBA Consumer Protection Tool can be downloaded for free at

As shoppers surf the web and find an on-line store, the Consumer Protection Tool automatically displays whether the merchant has validated its contact information, including its official company name(s), physical address(es), telephone number(s), and contact name(s). Consumers are strongly urged not to enter personal or financial information into a non-NetIBA Certified web site.

The NetIBA Consumer Protection Tool verifies web domains, auction sellers, and email identities. The newly released software currently works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but the company is developing a version to support almost all browser types.

As the internet continues to grow, so too does internet fraud. While traditional brick and mortar businesses must prove their legitimacy and comply with local and federal laws, internet-only businesses do not face the same regulations and restrictions. According to the Federal Trade Commission, internet fraud costs businesses $47.2 billion annually, while it costs consumers $5.2 billion a year. While millions of people currently shop on-line, the statistics above help explain why millions still do not.

For the consumer’s protection NetIBA maintains a database of certified identities. This database is made available to local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies. If a consumer encounters difficulties with a web merchant, the consumer can contact the law enforcement agency located in the merchant’s jurisdiction. The agencies now have simple and effective resources to assist the consumer.

For more information on how to protect yourself, visit or contact e-mail protected from spam bots or e-mail protected from spam bots .

About NetIBA:
NetIBA, started in 2005, is a that is privately owned and managed. NetIBA has focused their efforts and technology on helping consumers and merchants to combat Internet Fraud.

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