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We spent literally hundreds of hours and over six months studying ecurrency and many "ecurrency merchant exchange programs" before we dared to bring this product to you. We waited until DXinOne had dowloaded cash into our bank account before we decided this opportunity was the precursor to an upward trend and future bull market- not just for the business opportunity junky, but also for the sophisticated and well educated investor. We have consulted an independently wealthy business partner who lost money during "evocrash' (evocash was an unstable ecurrency that a few people lost money using). DXinOne is positioning itself as a new standard on stable ecurrencies or "electronic currencies" designed to protect both the buyer and the seller during online commerce transactions


Discover how to research ecurrency merchant exchanging while generating unique ecurrency content simultaneously getting terrific keyword density on your mini-website. The unique content on this page was created in 30 minutes. (and looks like it too! : ) But the whole purpose of this page was to attract serious e-currency researchers. If you think this opportunity is a scam, give us a call. I had my technician research this company for 6 months before we decided to market e-currency (ecurrency) merchant trading.

This is not our REAL ecurrency website. As a search engine expert we are trying some experiments in keyword density analysis. The below links will help you research the ecurrency (e-currency) merchant trading phenomenon. We also recommend our ecurrency (also called e-currency or electronic currency) website.

GoldExchange is an ecurrency service offered in London. There website is worth checking out. This is an ecurrency vertical market ebullion portal. (also pronounced e-bullion in some search engines).

 E-gold ecurrency exchange testimonials can be found at and

I also wanted to say say adding the ecurrency merchant directory to a reseller web site is useful in optimizing for ecurrency keyword terms. Are you curious what the most popular e-currency keywords actually are? Try looking up the ecurrency boom on wordtracker. as a professional SEO this is an ecurrency marketing tool you cannot survive without. Here are the terms I discovered. I will help you earn money using these ecurrency and DXGOLD (also known as dx in one or DXinOne) search terms. Understand that DX GOLD (that domain should still be up) is building a massive branding campaign. There is a lot of arguing and bickering about where DX-Godl 

DX-in-one, formally known as DX GOLD or (dxgold) is setting the global benchmark in the e-currency exchange industry.

Ecurrency shops (also spelled e-currency) hope to have market a secured and reliable internet ecurrency exchanges that protect both the buyer and sellers. DXGOLD is planning to take over the world and is positioning themselves to replace Paypal on e-bay.  Is Paypal a real ecurrency? We think not. it is bakced by US dollars and funded by debt. (Credit cards). Paypal does not really protect sellers from post shipping chargebacks.

E-currency Merchant trading is not a scam.

"Yes, this is a real opportunity and is not an ecurrency scam like some people say. DXMerchants act like currency conversion shops, and get paid tiny transaction fees called ICB's and SCB's (Instant and standard claim bonuses) in order to make funds in certain e-currencies available. This is part of an ongoing strategy by DXinOne to generate a massive a global team of internet savvy "market makers" who have the know-how and wherewithall to handle the sophistcations of trading ecurrency across international lines. This is not only a necessary future trend, but and inevitable outcome of cyber-globalization."

"eCurrency" is another popular spelling for electronic currency. Merchants currently use paypal in the United States but seek protection from ecurrency merchants who instead hold all ecurrency in different e-accounts- and make it available to online sellers and buyers.

If you are seriously interested in ecurrency exchange merchant trading but are in your "due diligence" here are other ecurrency and e-currency (electronic currency) and DXgold (DXinOne) terms that you need to research. 

DXCurrencies or DXGold Business ( is now in preregister phase). The idea is that "DX in One" will provide massive e-currency exchange services on a regular basis to businesses large and small and seek help from qualified home-based ecurrency consultants. They are attracting HUGE online companies and regular businesses that need to transfer ecommerce into electronic currency. (ecurrency).

eCurrency Comparisons and exchange rates can be found on This is a good ecurrency site to use while getting use to the concept of in-exchanges and out-exchanges within the DXgold ecurrency system.

DXGold Merchants (DXMerchants) who input money into their DXGold-eCurrency earn money as long as the money goes into the float., and eBank writes about the new trend towards Internet money. You can sign up as an e-currency (ecurrency) merchant exchanger by visiting our 'compelling ecurrency offer' site.  Visit merchant training website for official online exchange training and forthcoming ebrokering license rights. Nine significant ecurrencies already exist and DX-gold (DXinOne) decides who does and does not cut the "ecurrency" mustard. You will find a list of accepted DXinOne acceptable exchange currencies in their que. DXinOne is also planning a massive advertising network, Internet advertising campain, e-gold support, E-Gold converiosn, ( Evocash was moved from the list), and others. (Paypal was also removed from the DXinOne acceptable ecurrency list. exchanges ecurrency and offers an e-credit card funding service. You can look around on the internet best prices e-gold for. They will also be offering online payment systems, ATM cards, prepaid MasterCards, Merchant Services and much more. E-gold and especially ebullion is the best way to fund your DXgold (dxinone) account.

Ecurrency Merchants, e-gold exchange are ecurrency keywords that are gaining popularity as DXinOne brands themselves globally.

Currency Merchants Association is an organization formed in 2003 to promote ecurrency retail through ongoing data and research. They are providing current ecurrency industry information for its ecurrency merchants and members. They tend to watch latest industry developments, trends, and emerging ecurrency markets such as software and automated OFX (open financial exchange) services. Your Source for Ecurrency Information is located also at . The EcMA is your opportunity as a truly informed ecurrency retailer to keep an eye on this massive bull market. E-Currency exchange has been debated and called an HYIP on Forums, but it is not an HYIP.

DX gold (DXinOne) is the most highly debated subject on the internet?

The former site in 2003 looked like this:

Now DXinOne is upgraded to a much more expensive infrastructure.  We are guessing that the total amount spent so far exceeds 15 million dollars.

The big complaint came from a forum thread called: DXGold-The Scam Is Made & The Gig Is Up: that talks about DXcurrency as positioning itself as the prominent single ecurrency. We believe they are and can easily tell you why this ecurrency thread is total bunk. Quite honestly it would raise some good questions that have reasonalbale answers, but clearly this person has never used the console system or the portfolio side. We recommend reading the ENTIRE ecurrency scam thread and then give us a call. Our real question to this biased and unexperienced writer is "what is real money anyway?" The ongoing philosophical debate is that "real money" (legal tender) is "backed by a military. Oh Pa-lease! Investors operate militaries, they do not run on auto pilot. There is an AGENDA behind a military but having one does not really maintain the value of a currency. If the US government had build DXGold (dxinone) would that mean it was more stable? Ask China. Not.

Who the heck IS behind this DXinOne massive ecurrency system? We don't really care that much anymore. Heres why:

1) We got paid. And I mean in cash, not ecurrecy. And directly into our bank account. And it pissed us off because it is not yet simple to get money back INTO the DXinOne system! We wanted to keep our money in play, not cash it out. heh. It gets easier as you go. The naysayers say that all of the money bottlenecks on the out-exchange. NOT. Depends on how much and how well you have planned your ecurrency merchant trading process. It also depends on the type of currency you are trying to pull your money out in. Is it e-gold, e-bullion, or netpay?  

As professional marketers and technologists we understand the cost of building this type of money system. Ecurrency economist sometime don't get this DX system because they are not marketeers. Marketeers oftendon't get it because they are not economists. We believe that DXinOne or at least ecurrency systems like it are a future trend in a fusion between money and marketing. I mean, who really has more power, the military or the advertising media. I mean the real military borrows the names of its campaigns from Nintendo games. military recruiters higher advertising agencies to recruit arcade dwellers. Why shouldn't the US dollar sell adspace on the reverse side- that is the real question. We predict they will. Maybe on the front side a 1.7 cents to produce a penny. Whoops.

 Furthermore, everyone is arguing about what a digot really is. We believe we know. Its not that hard. Call us, we'll tell you. We just hope to meet the genius with the vision to create a "philosphers stone" called the digot. Lets hope the DXgold ecurrency system actually reamains stable when the word travels faster.

Even in a foreign country with outsourced programmers, this system would cost tens of millions to develop. As technologists, we can put a price-tag on it pretty quickly. DXinONE will make far more money if it is NOT a scam, per se. Heck, my father thinks the AMERICAN dollar is a scam. It is all perspective, isn't it? (It costs 1.7 cents to produce a US penny). ummmm- hello! Besides at the time of this article, DX hasn't even launched its Market Making power profit center- its advertising networks and its evangelists (us) that it has been PAYING to learn and trouble shoot the system and spread the word at the same time. (Almost a form of patriotism, heh). No military to back this currency, but who needs one in Vanahuatu? Besides, it is the digot, that is of real fascination.

" What's the most prominent single ecurrency? No DXGold merchant has ever received an exchange from anyone who wasn't already in the DX system. The challenge is that DXinOne is no longer giving out consoles. When will they begin again? Nobody knows for sure. We do have one, and it is paying us. More are on the way.


Ecurrency search queries on Google and E-currency Yahoo:

There has been a  marketing frenzy for ecurrency (e-currency) merchant trading on the search engines and we have listed here several popular queries for you to observe. We have linked to the search engine on each term in order for you to investigate the quality of the links. One of the things you will learn in your mentorship with me is how to use the search engine to your advantage by studying the ecurrency KEI for your marketing website.  

1    "ecurrency 101"   has verly little competition and you can see there are zero competitors for this word. In fact may be the only one. 7 2 1
2 "ecurrency explained" has seven ecurrency content requests in a 30 day period but zero competition. is a contender. 49.000 7 2 0
3 "learn how to ecurrency trade" is selling most of the DX In One training packages that are nowhere near as good as 9.000 3 1 1
4 "ecurrency exchange mazu critics  You can learn more about Mazu, but don't believe all the negative things you hear. 4.000 2 1 0
5 "invest in ecurrency" selling more progras on the DX in One portfolio side. 4.000 2 1 0
6 "buy ecurrency fast" 4.000 2 1 1
7 "free ecurrency hack" 4.000 2 1 0
8 "ecurrency exchange investment" 3.000 3 1 3
9 "ecurrency book" 2.000 2 1 2
10 "ecurrency income" 1.333 4 1 12
11 "dxgold ecurrencies" will lead to 0.667 2 1 6
12 "ecurrency scam"  will lead to many scam sites, few know how to trade ecurrency. 0.500 2 1 8
13 "ecurrency hack" How people have been hacked and how certain ecurrenices have faild. 0.472 5 1 53
14 "ecurrency exchanging" is about DXinOne 0.325 7 2 151
15 "ecurrency exchange program" Is about and other sites like it. 0.191 3 1 47
16 "ecurrency forums" Will waste your time and cost your ecurrency. 0.154 2 1 26
17 "ecurrency cards" are given out by egold and ebullion. 0.112 20 6 3580
18 "ecurrency exchange" is the DXinOne system. 0.107 35 10 11500
19 "ecurrency" has only 22,000 competitors which is really ot that many. This will grow as the ecurrency movement spreads. 0.066 39 12 22900
20 "ecurrency trading" is what the folks at teach you to do. 0.036 17 5 8030
21 "ecurrency merchant" is an ecurrency work at home opportunity that is second to none. 0.005 3 1 1950
22 "eCurrency" is an alternative way to spell ecurrency or e-currency or electronic currency 0.004 10 3 22900
23 "ecurrency exchange script" is about coding and  ecurrency macros 0.001 4 1 27300
24 "ecurrency exchanger" is an alternative ecurrency spelling. 0.001 2 1 4460


No. Yahoo KEI Analysis Count 24Hrs  
1 "ecurrency explained" has 1 competitor selling a program. 49.000 7 2 1
2 "ecurrency 101" is all about ecurrency exchange processing 49.000 7 2 0
3 "ecurrency hack" is about ecurrency systems that ha ve been hacked. 8.333 5 1 3
4 "learn how to ecurrency trade" is the frenzy of ecurrency schools and systems. We only reccomend 4.500 3 1 2
5 "invest in ecurrency" is the yahoo version of ecurrency that tells you how to run the portfolio side of DXinOne 4.000 2 1 1
6 "ecurrency book" is about ebooks. Many of them suck. 4.000 2 1 1
7 "ecurrency exchange mazu critics" i sabout the mazu ecurrency program which you can read about at 4.000 2 1 0
8 "free ecurrency hack" is about how to hack into ecurrency programs. 4.000 2 1 0
9 "ecurrency scam" consists of ecurrency naysayers and skeptics throwing up websites. 4.000 2 1 0
10 "ecurrency income" is about how to earn a living with the DXinOne ecurrency console 2.667 4 1 6
11 "ecurrency exchange investment" is a source of ecurrency debate and trepidation. 2.250 3 1 4
12 "buy ecurrency fast" tells how to save time as an ecurrency merchant exchanger. 2.000 2 1 2
13 "dxgold ecurrencies" is about the DX in One system 1.000 2 1 4
14 "ecurrency cards" are about ecurrency credit cards. 0.608 20 5 658
15 "ecurrency trading" will sell you all kinds of ecurrency programs 0.462 17 4 625
16 "ecurrency exchanging" is a process that will take you about 6 months to learn. 0.278 7 2 176
17 "ecurrency forums" are a huge waste of time if you want to make money soon. 0.121 2 1 33
18 "ecurrency exchange script" will save you money and time and prevent hacking. 0.067 4 1 238
19 "ecurrency exchanger" is a variation on exchange and is what you will become if you study our ecurrency video tapes. 0.037 2 1 108
20 "ecurrency exchange program" is avaliable on 0.034 3 1 261
21 "ecurrency exchange" is a process whereby you make funds available for trading across international lines. 0.026 35 9 47200
22 "ecurrency merchant" is a person who has ecurrency funds available for such purposes. 0.025 3 1 353
23 "ecurrency" means electronic currency. 0.018 39 10 83000
24 "eCurrency" is an alternative spelling on Yahoo for electronic currency. 0.001 10 3 83000


There are several other ecurrency keywords that are being used by people searching for information on the word "ecurrency". If you would like to visit our partner website icon Interactive and use Icons keyword suggestion tool, you will have a greater insight into how Overture suggests ecurrency keywords. When we looked up the word ecurrency using Icon Interactive's tool, we discovered the following ecurrency keyword marketing demographics:


  1. ecurrency : 1767
    Over 1,000 requests for the word ecurrency. We seldom recommend that you trust these results as accurate, but they are good for generating approximations: [ Ecurrency Google] [ecurrency Yahoo!] [ecurrency MSN]
  2. ecurrency exchange : 905
    ecurrency exchange processing is a highly queried term. The results for this term differ on wordtracker: [ecurrency exchange Google] [ ecurrency exchange Yahoo!] [ecurrency exchange MSN]
  3. ecurrency merchant : 257
    Searches on ecurrency merchant reveals 257 queries in a 30 day period. You will find Mazu products dominate this keyword. An "ecurrency merchant" is a home based business ecurrency exchange expert: [ecurrency merchant Google] [ecurrency merchant Yahoo!] [ecurrency merchant MSN]
  4. ecurrency trading : 181
    Searches on ecurrency trading reveals London Gold Exchange at the top of the list. The search term "ecurrency trading" is highly coveted by the top level ecurrency exchange websites: [ecurrency trading Google] [ecurrency trading Yahoo!] [ecurrency trading MSN]
  5. ecurrency exchanging : 111
    Searches on ecurrency exchanging are around one hundred and eleven every 30 days on overture. Take a look to see what kind of websites dominate : [ecurrency exchanging Google] [ecurrency exchanging Yahoo!] [ecurrency exchanging MSN]
  6. ecurrency learn : 61
    The top site for this keyword is talk gold and this query is probably being generated by the owner of the website: [Google] [Yahoo!] [MSN]
  7. business ecurrency : 50
    Searches on business ecurrency are made by those seeking the now popular ecurrency merchant exchange processing opportunity: [business ecurrency Google] [business ecurrency Yahoo!] [business ecurrency MSN]
  8. business ecurrency exchange opportunity : 44
    Search on this business ecurrency term gives the number one position: [Google] [Yahoo!] [MSN]
  9. bank ecurrency : 33
    Search on the query "bank ecurrency" will again lead to "talk gold". You will find many ecurrency websites have directories for bank cards and ecurrency cards  [bank ecurrency Google] [bank ecurrency Yahoo!] [bank ecurrency MSN]
  10. dxgold ecurrency : 29
    Searches on dxgold ecurrency will lead you straight to DXcurrencies. This is a good site to use if you want the Outexchange rates for various ecurrencies: [dxgold ecurrency Google] [dxgold ecurrency Yahoo!] [dxgold ecurrency MSN]
  11. ecurrency system winning : 28
    Searches on this term will lead to and other sites that claim to have an ecurrency investing system : [ecurrency system Google] [ecurrency system Yahoo!] [ecurrency system MSN]
  12. business ecurrency exchange : 27
    Searches on business ecurrency exchange lead to sites offering ecurrency business opportunities. We strongly recommend that you research ecurrency carefully before you get involved : [business ecurrency exchange Google] [business ecurrency exchange Yahoo!] [business ecurrency exchange MSN]
  13. ecurrency exchange program : 27
    Search on ecurrency exchange program and find several sites selling educational ecurrency products, including [ecurrency exchange program Google] [ecurrency exchange program Yahoo!] [ecurrency exchange program MSN]
  14. ecurrency maker market : 26
    This Search query is sparse but probably comes from the DX In One marketing promotion that speaks of creating "market makers" for the DX currency: [ecurrency maker market Google] [ecurrency maker market Yahoo!] [ecurrency maker MSN]


We can't wait for you to get started!

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